Exemplary Voyages welcomes acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta and the film crew of “Funny boy” to Sri Lanka!

It is a great pleasure for us at Exemplary Voyages to be the official organisers for critically acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s next film, which is an adaptation of Sri Lankan- Canadian novelist Shyam Selvadurai’s, ‘Funny Boy’.

“I am going to start shooting for a film from January called Funny Boy. It’s based on Shyam Selvadurai’s book. It’s a really lovely, coming-of-age story with a Sri Lankan setting,” Mehta said.

Born in India; Mehta’s first film was “Sam and Me”. She is known as a groundbreaking screenwriter, director and producer. Her emotionally resonating, award-winning films are very famous all around the world. She is also well known for her trilogy: Fire, Earth and Water.
The director, whose previous works like Earth and Midnights Children were also book adaptations, said it’s hard for her not to visualize books cinematically while she’s reading. “I love adapting books. There are some books which are cinematic and there are some which aren’t. When I read a book, I keep visualizing it. Words come to life, you form images and sometimes I can even see who’s acting in it.”

Deepa Mehta is joined by Canadian producer, David Hamilton. He has been nominated for the Genie Award for Best Motion Picture and the films Water and Bollywood/Hollywood.  David Hamilton was the executive producer of a couple of Deepa Mehta’s movies, and their chemistry can be depicted in the movies they work on together.  With the assistance of Exemplary Voyages, a boutique Destination management company located on Temple Lane, Colombo; the crew has arrived in Sri Lanka well and are already proceeding with shooting the movie. We are extremely proud to have gotten the opportunity to be the ground hosts for this upcoming project of Deepa Mehta and David Hamilton. We look forward to seeing their wonderful work unfold across the big screen.

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