Sri Lanka: A Sea-side Sensation

A Tropical Island and a Year-round Beach Destination

The gorgeous shores of Sri Lanka are ideal for many experiences, be it romantic staycations, observing aquatic wildlife and adventure sports and surfing; or simply watching a stunning sunset.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, nestled in the Indian Ocean. It is located near the equator and offers plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, ideal for beach vacations. With its 1,340 km (830mi) sq of coastline, Sri Lanka allows for a range of beach-side activities, such as sunbathing, surfing, water sports, scuba diving, whale watching, snorkelling and more.

The island experiences two tropical monsoons annually: the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon; and awareness of the timings of both serves to be useful in determining the options of beaches that are in season.

Some of the stunning beaches that the island offers:

Kalpitiya: – Dolphin Watching

Best time to visit: October to May

Kalpitiya is offers a range of activities and is a vantage venue for rest and relaxation. It offers a range of beach activities with water being ideal for snorkeling and some fishing, kite surfing, as well as dolphin and whale watching. For those with a penchant for marine biology, the Blue Whale project is an initiative set up by marine biologist, Asha De Vos.


Best time to visit: December to April

Unwatuna is a lively beach which is a popular with carefree travellers. It offers a party almost every night, along its shores but also gives the option of peace and tranquil options for those preferring some gentle fun and a swim.


Best time to visit: July to end October

The while sandy Koggala beach, known for its tranquil, turquoise waters and sightings of stilt fishing, it is relatively uncluttered and ideal for a range of both laid-back experiences, as well as more adrenalin-packed ones. Basking in the sun, in serenity is a definite option at Koggala beach, as is activity in the form of surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.


Best time to visit: December to April

The coastal town of Negombo, known also as the ‘Little Rome’ of Sri Lanka offers beautiful beaches and fresh seafood. It is located in close proximity to the airport and is a favourite and convenient stop for travelers, arriving to explore the island and also departing to leave the island. It offers opportunity for kite surfing, water skiing and nightlife.


Best time to visit: February to April

The pristine beaches of Trincomalee are breathtaking and stand as tangible proof of the serenity of Sri Lanka. The endless white sandy shored of the east of Sri Lanka offers visitors memorable experiences in Uppuveli, Nilaveli and Marbel Beach.

Passi Kudah

Best time to visit: March to October

A stunning and calm beach, conducive for relaxation and long walks. Passi Kudah translates to “green-algae-bay” and is located in the eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka.


Best time to visit: January to September

Though not traditionally known as being beach locations, the northern part of Sri Lanka is a popular destination for visitors and allows for a relaxed swim. The locations include the Casuarina Beach, the Charty Beach (Kytes), Kovalam Beach, Thiruvadinilai Beach, KKS Beach an Akarai Beach. Seafood, particularly prawns is a delicacy served well, in Jaffna and makes up for the lack of nightlife in this city that offers a distinctive window into a unique way of life, in Sri Lanka.

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