Sri Lanka in September : Weather & Travel tips

These are some travel tips our partner Bookmundi listed down for all tourists that have planned their visits to Sri Lanka this September!

Sri Lanka gets a brief break from its two battering monsoon cycles—Yala and Maha—in September. Barring a few odd showers, the month offers a spectacular tropical treat, a perfect time to take advantage of sparse tourist crowds and shoulder season deals.

There is a lot to do in Sri Lanka in September. Go on a sightseeing tour of the famed ‘Cultural Triangle’ of Sri Lanka in September, and see the ancient cities of Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa. Nature lovers can head to Minneriya National Park to witness the elephant herds gather in the rain-fed reservoir, while culture and history enthusiasts can see the unique blend of contemporary and colonial Sri Lanka in Jaffna, the country’s northern tip. This is also a great time to enjoy the beaches of Sri Lanka. Head to Trincomalee for a perfect beach getaway and tons of water activities.

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Sri Lanka’s Captivating Cultural Heritage

A Legacy of an Ancient Civilization and Cultural Tradition

Sri Lanka is known for its stunning shores, sensational sights and sublime sunsets. Its cultural identity is entwined in heritage; and regales a chronological tale, embracing ancient civilization, tradition and life, unique to itself.

Sri Lanka’s cultural tapestry is woven together with a legacy of ancient civilization, dating back over 2000 years. The island’s rich cultural diversity seals in its very own cultural identity that is both unique and inimitable. These, together with influences of colonisation, art, architecture, food and festivals contribute to securing its place as an exceptional cultural destination.

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Sri Lanka: A Sea-side Sensation

A Tropical Island and a Year-round Beach Destination

The gorgeous shores of Sri Lanka are ideal for many experiences, be it romantic staycations, observing aquatic wildlife and adventure sports and surfing; or simply watching a stunning sunset.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, nestled in the Indian Ocean. It is located near the equator and offers plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, ideal for beach vacations. With its 1,340 km (830mi) sq of coastline, Sri Lanka allows for a range of beach-side activities, such as sunbathing, surfing, water sports, scuba diving, whale watching, snorkelling and more.

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Exemplary Voyages welcomes acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta and the film crew of “Funny boy” to Sri Lanka!

It is a great pleasure for us at Exemplary Voyages to be the official organisers for critically acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s next film, which is an adaptation of Sri Lankan- Canadian novelist Shyam Selvadurai’s, ‘Funny Boy’.

“I am going to start shooting for a film from January called Funny Boy. It’s based on Shyam Selvadurai’s book. It’s a really lovely, coming-of-age story with a Sri Lankan setting,” Mehta said.

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Sri Lanka Announces Visa on Arrival

Visitors from forty-eight countries now presented with ease of travel

Travel to Sri Lanka now enables free on arrival visa programmes for 48 selected countries, for a period of six months, as per the Ministry of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs and is subject to extension, depending on the influx of travelers into the country.

Ranked as Number 1 in a list of ‘The 15 Best Islands in the World’, released by U.S travel magazine, based in New York in July 2019,  Sri Lanka received the highest score of  92.12 out of 100, with Palawan in the Philippines and Bali in Indonesia, which were ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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